About Shanon

I have a long and tortured history with the art of losing weight. I'm so good at it. I've been the Queen of Weight Watchers, the poster child for Jenny Craig, a card carrying member of Nutri System, and an advocate of Dr. Adkin. Each time, I end up back at the beginning, usually with more pounds than I started with. 

I grew up in a Weight Watcher household. My mother lost 60 pounds and became a Lifetime Member. It was preached to me from an early age to watch what I ate. We didn't have Little Debbie's or Frito Lay around my house. I had an average kid's diet, and became a teenager eating things like pizza and burgers just like everyone else. I didn't have the best eating habits, but I didn't have a weight problem. 

 Poor picture quality, but you can tell I was cute, right? I thought so. 

I didn't start the battle of the scale until the end of my high school years. When tragedy struck my family, I turned to food.  I remember my first binge. All the food left at my house after my older sister's funeral was just there, and I remember thinking it was all going to waste. Thus began the food-as-comfort cycle in my life. By college, I was just a little chunky.

Again, poor picture quality. But still cute, right? 

It kept going, and I kept gaining, until I was 50 pounds overweight. Then, I had 3 children. Fast forward several years. I started this journey on January 1, 2012 at 90 lbs overweight. Unlike Georgia, I am not so tenacious. I fear failure, sometimes to the point of paralysis. Not this time. Stick with me and I'll post before and after pics when I have a rockin' bod. Until then, this will have to do.
You don't have to ask what the hand-on-the-chin move is all about. Everybody knows that trick. But I do look cute, right?

38 pounds down, six months into this primal thing. I have a waist! And jeans I bought in a regular, non-fat chick store! 


  1. Love you, beautiful girl. :)

  2. I love this blog! You were -- are -- the cutest.


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