Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fickle as a Fritter and Scale Superstitions

I got an email from Blogger that said if we didn't write something soon, we would be off the air.

Not really.

Our family is the beginning the process of building a new house and as such, we've been exposed to much talk about what is "standard" and what is an "upgrade".  Usually, as an excuse, the "I've been very busy" would come standard.  The "I'm humiliated and ashamed because Shanon is doing better than me because she's working harder than me and I still like cake and brownies and buns" would be the upgrade.

But on this blog, the upgrade is included!  We don't charge more for shame and humiliation!  That's the Two Primal Chicks difference!

It's not as bad as it could be.  I'm up 7.5 pounds from my lowest weight.  But I have a plan.  I'm going to actually update my weight tracker to reflect where I am.  And I'm not in competition with Shanon and she is not in competition with me.  I fully support my sister-in-weight as she is toughing it out.  Personally, I am experiencing a funk.  People who know me well know this is a common place for me.  The "leave me alone, I don't want to go anywhere or see anyone or do anything" funk.  And if you know the funk, you know the funk affects everything.    

But, thank da Lord, I haven't had The Fog.

Last time, I wanted accountability, but I wasn't in a funk.  See the difference?  That's the Whiny Baby Funk difference.

Now.  How do you feel about your scale?  What if you were endeavoring to try and lose a lot of weight?  Would you get a new scale in the middle of the process?

I asked this question on Facebook and I'm wondering if I'm the only Scale Type A in the bunch.  Dance with the one who brung ya, I say.  What if the new scale is 5 pounds off?  Seriously?  Five pounds is a lot!  It's not like going to the doctor where you know their scale is going to be off 5# and so you just deal with it because it's not the "real" weight that counts.  (Nobody counts the weight at the doctor's office.)  But the scale where you weigh every morning, step 3 of your weighing-in routine, must be accurate!  This is a no-brainer!

Which is why it surprised me when my husband insisted we needed a new scale.  When I had already lost 20-something pounds!  A new scale was just going to mess me all up!  But he may have said some things that were true, but felt like a guilt trip so I bought a new scale.  Except now we have 2 scales.

We live in a teeny tiny townhouse.  Twelve hundred square feet for 6 people.  (Which is why we are getting a new house.)  All but 2 feet in front of the sink is taken up with our scales.  Brian is good.  He only weighs on his scale.  He is happy with the scale I purchased for him.  That scale is for people like him.

But me?  I weigh on both.  That's right.  One weight is the real one. (My scale.)   The other is for comparison.  I'm a dork, I know.

It comes standard.


  1. Well, the whole point of this blog is honesty and openness. I'm super glad Shanon is doing so amazing, but at the moment that success scares the pants off me because I'm just starting out again after a pregnancy that left me about 20ish lbs heavier than before I got pregnant, and I definitely was not at a good wait to start with anyway. I feel doubly inspired by someone who (like I have done 32489243932929483 times in life) fell off the wagon and is having the courage to get back on and be honest about it!!!

  2. I weigh CONSTANTLY! I'm a numbers person. I like to add up my calories and figure out how much I burned during the day and see how close I am to the whole 3500 calories = 1 lb. I would assume that changes for different people. I will weigh first thing in the am and then have some coffee use the bathroom and weigh again before I eat. I'm pretty OCD when it comes to weighing. I would totally use both scales!

  3. Georgia - So glad you posted! I told Shannon that I really miss hearing how you two are doing. I understand the "funk" all too well. I can't weigh myself too often because if I gain at all, it sends me into a "might as well give up, i'll never achieve my goal anyway" type funk!

  4. We had two scales at one point, but are now back to just one. Can't remember what happened to the other. But....I weigh myself every morning after I get up and use the bathroom. Just strip down to the ol' birthday suit (even though my gown doesn't add anything on these scales, which only measure 1/2 lb. increments). Yesterday I weighed 1-1/2 lbs less than this a.m. and had not eaten much yesterday - that's a bummer. However, even that is closer to the weight I was at four&1/2 years ago than I've been in a while. You keep on truckin' d-i-l.. You two rock!!!!!

  5. Keep it up Georgia! I have one scale, but I don't use it. It stays hidden under the sink in our bathroom. I never like what it says, I'd much rather visually see my progress in my toned muscles and how those pants that were tight a few weeks ago fit perfectly today.

    Just remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so once you get to your target weight, the scale won't be your constant companion anymore!

    You are worth this! I am so glad you posted again...I was getting a little worried that you were going to get discouraged.


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