Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When the Weather Conspires

One of the things I love about this new way of going on is that I don't have to be married to the gym.  Which is really good.  Because that hasn't really worked out for me.  Hahaha!  I just made a very funny joke!  It hasn't....worked out....for me.


I've been a bit of a Nazi recently, demanding that the Whole Family will go and Walk Frequently at a Slow Pace.  Brian and I did our first walking experience while on a weekend away together over New Years (Year's?)*.  About 25 minutes in, my feet were hurting so bad, I had to stop.  I blame the track.  Who uses that rocky-asphalt stuff for a walking track?  They really should put down mulch for all the people like me who are both clumsy and out of practice.  But the weather was perfect for being outside.

Locally, we've been frequenting the Nature Center for our walks.  Although, the only nature we've ever observed has been a pesky horsefly which scared my children by its sheer size and buzzing volume.  Our favorite thing to do as a family there is have the children run off ahead of us, and then my husband and I will yell, "We can't see you!"   Then they run back.  Good times are had by all at the Nature Center.

Things I love about the Nature Center:

  • The walking is not "hard".  No big hills, but enough to keep it sort of interesting.  
  • There is no concrete.  Walking on concrete apparently hurts my feet.  
  • We can do the 2 trails and get in over an hour of walking.  Score!  
Our City Park even has some trails that we have explored.  They are paved, so I gotta deal, but our family walked for nearly 2 hours on Sunday.  Well, the grown folks walked and the kids rode their scooters.  Shock of shocks:  no one was seriously injured!  We may have been casting lots on how many of the scooter-riders would be injured as they went hurtling downslope on the paved walkway.  My kids, who live in a superlative world, said that was the Best. Day. Ever.  

But what to do now?  When the weather is conspiring against me and my high heels?  It is raining and cold.  Brian is out of town.  I think I'm waiting for the Cat in the Hat to show up.  He would definitely have a plan.  

My current plan is not so entertaining.  Not entertaining at all.  It's the changes we make, the big and the small.  I will continue to eat well if the weather is fine or if there's a squall line.  But when the sun is out, or at least the rain stops, I will give myself mad props.  I will work hard when the weather is good, like a primal chick should.

 My goal each week is to log 3 to 5 hours, on my feet.  

Week 1:  4 hours, 20 minutes in the books.  Mission accomplished!  


*I have to be very careful here.  My co-writer is a teacher who does not tolerate grammatical errors.      


  1. I'm a hiker by default and I always get "spongy" when the weather doesn't let me outdoors. My solution? I have a set of those Leslie Sansone Walk off the Pounds DVD's for cold days. Yes, she's too damn chipper for my tastes but I can get a walk in while still in my jammies...fair trade me thinks. Target has them on sale at the moment for $12 for a set of three dvd's (1mile, 2 miles and 3 mile walks) if you are interested :)

  2. that80sgirl: I, too, live in a superlative world. This is the Best. Idea. Ever. I'm going to do it. Yesterday I was at the Nature Center. It was Mud City. Gotta have another plan. Thanks for the input!

  3. Get some rubber boots and suck it up!!!!

  4. I'd be careful, 'brother-in-law'. We're getting tough enough to kick your butt! LOL! And you have to live with me!


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