Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eight Pounds A Week

I gotta admit.  It's hard to share a blog with my sweet sister-in-law, whom I love like a real sister.  Because she's like a professional writer.  She feels this burning desire to write, has ideas floating around bursting forth and even has special software to help her plot stories and I....well, I write exactly how I talk and exactly how I think. I don't plan anything and I'm not that great with imagery and invoking feelings.  My stuff just doesn't seem to have the same appeal.  I realize we have different styles, and I don't know why I'm just feeling blah about it today, but there it is.  Maybe I'm more entertaining in person?  You know, when I actually tell the story and I'm being very dramatic?


This week, I lost 1 pound.  Last week I lost one pound.  I want to lose 8 pounds a week.  This week, today, this task of losing weight is feeling so monumental.  I don't know that I can "work matters to completion" if it's going to be One Pound A Week.  I'm wearing my smaller clothes, but for some reason, I'm still looking in the mirror and seeing a Fat Frump.  I can't explain it.  Or maybe I can.  I can say that I have done ZERO working out in the last 2 weeks. I bet if I were more diligent about walking and Lifting Heavy Things, the weight would be coming off faster.  Maybe I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed.  Maybe I'd see someone working hard to get better instead of The Frump I saw this morning.  

I'm a sniveling mess today, frustrated with every stupid thing.  Everything feels hard.  I know I've been successful and for not working out, the pounds are still coming off.  But for some reason, I feel so disappointed in myself, like I'm somehow not getting it right.  Maybe I'm having to face my "big feelings" as we call them at my house, and since I don't have my cakes and hamburgers with the buns to soothe them, I'm just having to face them.  I wish I could understand how when I'm being successful, I still feel like a failure...  I go between wanting to be an absolute individual and making a mark to wanting to be lost in the shuffle, a part of the background, left alone.  

All that to say, another pound gone. 



  1. Oh girl, we are truly sisters. I'm with you on this. I want this weight off and I want it off yesterday. A pound seems so little in the grand scheme of things. Especially when we have such a long road ahead of us. But we need to remember it took a while to put it on, and it's going to take a while to get it off. When you feel weak, and you're crawling instead of walking, lean on me. We'll still be moving forward. And sista, I love your writing style. It's real and honest, and sounds just like your voice. I adore you. "Just keep swimming!"

  2. You made me cry. Big, fat tears. Thank you for saying that.

  3. I love your writing style! And hang in there. When you're doing a Paleo-style diet, some of your initial weight loss is your body burning off glycogen and shedding its water stores; anywhere from 8 to 12 pounds worth. If you're still losing, you're doing great!!!

  4. Georgia, I love your writing style, too! I love how real it is, and how it feels like a conversation! And you are oh so witty! :)

    As for the weight, one pound gone is one pound gone. One more you can mark off your total pounds to lose. Progress is progress. Remember that even when the scale isn't going down as fast as you want, you are reaping other benefits at the same time. You're feeling better, getting healthier... and those pounds are going to come off! Have you scheduled days to exercise? If you can actually put it on your calendar for a couple days a week (at first), maybe you'll be more likely to do it. You'll lose the weight quicker, for sure, and you'll be that much healthier.

    Sorry you're in a slump today. I hope you feel better and find something that picks you up. Maybe a walk in the sunshine! ;)

    - Crystal

  5. You know that iPod you have that you never use? Load it up with some music that makes you feel like you just GOTTA move it, and dance around the house for a while. Nobody will see you, I promise. Play tag with your kids! Do the girls have a hula hoop somewhere? Have a contest! Use their jump rope. Take the kids step stool and do some stepping for a few minutes. Work it in when you can, in small increments, while you go about the tasks of the day. It doesn't always have to be a huge chunk of time, especially when it's raining. Promise yourself something afterward, like a bubble bath or a minute to sit and read a book. You'll feel really good when you do it!

  6. Much to the chagrin of you and your sister, it would be 70's disco music!

  7. Hey, I've been known to shake a tailfeather to some Bee Gees or KC and the Sunshine Band! I'm not hatin'!

  8. Georgia, honey! One more pound, is one more pound! One foot in front of the other, and you are doing it! We can't all be fantastic and get it right, every single day. So be kind to yourself. ONE MORE POUND! YAYYYYYYYY! :)
    Love you!


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