Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nearly 20

Sunday, I was weepy.  I really was.  Y'all know.  I was frustrated with my progress, the response to my posts, pretty much everything.  I needed some encouragement, and of course, Shanon was there to drag me a little further down this road.  Love that woman.

Today is a different story.  I am this close to a 20 pound loss.  As in one-half of one pound.  Eight ounces.  A Double Quarter-Pounder (minus the bun, of course).

I'm close.  And it has made all the difference in my attitude.  My "new" old jeans are starting to get a little baggy so I spent the morning trying on some of my old clothes.  I'm getting dangerously close to being able to go down another size.  I actually skipped down the hall to the bedroom after prancing around in a sweater that I haven't worn in 5 years.

At 25 pounds gone, I'm getting a reward.  I thought it was going to be a massage, but I think reaching my first major goal demands shoes, don't you?

 I'm really feeling GREAT today.  I put on a shirt that I love.  Then I decided to do something fun with my hair. My hair loves hot rollers.  I felt so good that I decided this was the day I would take my "before" picture.  Right on the cusp of a 20 pound loss.  When I'm done with this aspect of the journey, I want to be able to remember how empowered and on top of the world I felt today.


Oh, and just in case you've missed it somehow, Shanon and I are on Facebook.  You'll get more of daily struggles and successes and just downright reality.  The same reason you hang out here.  Except more!  Leave us a note or a comment.  Or a recipe.  Shanon likes to cook.  I like to tell my husband about it.  He's been making magic with spinach, inspired by Shanon's spinach saute.  See you there!

*Update:  I just noticed that our Facebook box is just *right* there.  To the right there.  Click on "Like".  And you're in.  Just like that. We take everybody.  Even haters.  'Cause no one can hate on us more than we have hated on ourselves.

Also, would it be wildly inappropriate to put up a "No Fat Chicks" designation?  Just curious...  And only as a reminder that as we "ungrow" our big sizes that we never, never, ever come back to this place again.


  1. You are gorgeous, G! Love your hair, and that sparkle in your eyes! You got this! So happy to be doing this with you.

  2. Girl - you.look.amazing!


  3. Keep it up! You are an inspiration to so many. I know it is a tough struggle...a daily one. Sometimes a minute to minute struggle. I have been right where you are. Pushing the 190lbs mark BEFORE I got pregnant with my first...and then gaining another 35 lbs! You will cherish that "before" picture. I keep mine in my desk at work and I love to show people the picture of me...before I found my strength.


  4. You look awesome already!!!! Congrats on the almost 20 mark! And I completely agree, 25 will require shoes. :D

  5. Definitely shoes at 25! And you look great in your picture! :)

    - Crystal


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