Sunday, January 15, 2012

Merrily We Roll Along

It's Sunday and you know what that means!  It's time to update The Weight Board!  Officially, I've been doing this thing for 2 weeks, and I have lost a grand total of 12.5 pounds.  I know the ticker says 13, but it rounds up.

I am not a fan.

I prefer an honest representation of my weight loss with no rounding.  It's seems like embellishing or cheating to me.  Which I am trying not to do.  In spite of a very large temptation looming inside my house:  It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!  What the samhill?!  And I have not one, but 2 girls selling cookies this year.  Clearly, I did not think this through.  It would probably be okay if I could eat just one.  Box.  But I can't.  I love those Peanut Butter Patties, especially after you put them in the freezer.  So. Good.  And it is not freakin' helping that my daughters are pooling their money together and buying (and eating) as many boxes as they can.  Leaving those cookies unattended in the refrigerator.  

"Hey, Mom?  Want a cookie?  Aren't these your favorite?  They've been in the freezer, just like you like 'em!"

Really, Little People?  It would be okay, just this once, to not share.  You don't even have to offer it to me.  Go ahead and give my share to Bubba.  He's just gonna take it right out of the package when you're not looking anyway.        

These stupid cookies are going to be my undoing.  I must keep in mind that I did not just lose 12.5 pounds by eating Girl Scout cookies by the boxload.  Wednesday I pushed Bubba in his stroller at the Nature Center, in the mud.  I am not fighting all this C-R-A-P to eat freakin' Girl Scout cookies.  I am not doing this so I can feel like a failure.  And I will, if I eat those damn things.  Today, it's not about the high heels or the zombies or being healthy.  It's these cookies.

For once in my life, THEY WILL NOT TELL ME HOW IT'S GOING TO BE.  


  1. Holy smokes! You lost 13 lbs in two weeks?! Impressive!! WTG!

  2. You TELL those cookies! You make the choices, and those cookies are not about to take your power from you. And you lost 12.5!!!!!! Nothing tastes as good as zipping up smaller jeans feels. Eyes on the prize, sister. Eyes on the prize.

  3. Georgia,
    You are awesome!!
    Send the cookies to me, I'll eat them! There, problem solved:-) Being pregnant does have some benefits!


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