Saturday, January 21, 2012


I ate some grains and sugar today.  And I feel TERRIBLE.  Really sick to my stomach.  I just can't believe how bad I feel.

Considering my former level of consumption, the tiny bites I had today should not be making me this nauseated.  But what else could it be?

I am a table host at a community dinner every month.  I never know what's going to be served, but I try to make good choices.  Tonight was some Mexican theme.  I passed on the chips and the rice.  But the casserole?  I could not avoid the chips as the base.  And then, I had a bite of my dad's cake which really was about a teaspoon and a half of chocolate frosting.  It actually tasted like partially hydrogenated soybean oil.  It was gross.  (And this from a person who would eat it right out of the can, any flavor.)  Then my daughter showed up with a frosted brownie.  I had a bite of that, too.  Ewww.  It was not good.  They call that cream cheese frosting?  I was sad that the other ladies at my table were gobbling it up.

My dad sent a cake home with us.  Some kind of chocolate-cupcake-with-no-frosting baked into one pan like a brownie.  I had one bite.  A really small bite.  And even though that was made from scratch, I still thought it was gross.  Not worth another taste, even though I nearly ate the whole piece out of habit.

And now, here I am.  Nursing my sick stomach, and thinking for the first time in my life, those bites weren't worth this feeling of sick.  Passing that stuff over just got a whole lot easier.  Besides, and this is true, there is no cake in the world that can make you feel as good as putting on a smaller pair of pants does.


  1. I had a burger with the bun last weekend. I paid dearly for it. Anything that makes you sick like that is NOT good for you. It's poison. Lesson learned. Feel better, hon, and don't beat yourself up for it. You have a valuable lesson that will help you so much with decisions in the future. Proud of you!

  2. your dads food is awesome it sucks that it made you feel like that though lol ~suzie~


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