Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It started last year, as a joke.  You know, when we weren't really as discerning about what we were eating.  When Pillsbury's Devil's Food cake with the matching milk chocolate frosting and sprinkles sounded like the most perfect winter night's meal.  Ideally, most people probably know that you shouldn't eat cake for an entire meal.  I mean, we know it, too.  But I really believe this idea came to us during The Great Snow Storm of 2011 when we were cooped up in the house with nowhere to go for days and days.  So basically, we shouldn't be held responsible for any poor culinary decisions we made during this time of frozen-ness.

In trying to decide what we should have for dinner on that cold, cold night, I made a joke that Brian could make a cake and we could just have that for dinner.  He apparently thought that was a great idea and got to work.  When the kids would ask what was for dinner, he just told them, "Something nasty."  When they finally figured out what "nasty" actually was, oh my.  They were thrilled!  They wanted Nasty for dinner every night!  Well, yeah.  So do I!  But we made an agreement.  We would have Nasty for dinner, once per year.

Guess what day is Nasty Day?

Yep, that'd be today.

Guess whose kids have been talking about Nasty Day for the last 2 weeks?

Yep.  That'd be my Little People.

Guess what Brian prepared for dinner tonight?

Yep.  Gave those kids their Nasty.

He ate some for dinner, too.

I did not.

Not yet, anyway.  I'm not fooling myself.  I didn't fool myself yesterday when my dad brought over half a banana cake.  Which I love.  And then ate 2 pieces.  However, in my defense, they were quite small pieces.  Not the whole half-cake I would usually consume.  I didn't fool myself this afternoon when I ate the 2.5 Thin Mints that Bubba didn't want.  They were okay. But from now on, I'm gonna live without them.

In other news:  I have done no exercise in over a week.  I know I'm going to be sad when I attempt to Lift Heavy Things again.  I'll be walking with a limp for sure.  But stay tuned tomorrow when I post January:  By the Numbers.  I'll be posting my progress for my first month in.

Inquiring minds wanna know!  See you tomorrow!

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  1. Girl, get your daddy a paleo dessert cookbook. He's gonna kill you with his delicious food! I have noticed, now that I have been off grains and sugar for a month, that the junk doesn't taste nearly as good as I remember. There's an aftertaste to it or something. But it doesn't stop me from craving it if I eat some.


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