Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Is "Primal" and Do You Eat Grub Worms?

To the layperson, eating primal could be compared to Atkins, South Beach, or a variety of low-carb options.

But it's more than that.

First, we gotta give homage to The Dude.  Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple.  It's his information, research and work that has put us on this path.  My husband found him a long while back and started reading his blog.  He thought "going primal" was a good idea.  He told me about it.

I thought not eating carbs was The Worst Idea Ever.  Give up bread?  Are.You.Crazy?

But then I checked out some of the Success Stories.  Hmmmm....what would I have to do again?

We even bought his book The Primal Blueprint.  I read some of it.  A lot of the information is broken down to the cellular level of the body.  Definitely way over my head.  And the website is overwhelming with a million places to go and people always talking and commenting.

We were never fully committed to it because, let's face it, bread tastes good.  So do brownies.  And also cake and pizza.  Can you just stop sending your kids to school with a sandwich?  What will they eat if they don't have a sandwich?

Every night that Brian eats carbs or grains, he has a nightcap of baking soda and water to try for some hope to relieve his acid reflux.  He struggles for sleep because his shoulder bursitis keeps him awake with pain.  In his mind, all other issues relieved, weight loss or not, going to bed without tasting his stomach acid is a win in his book.

We just aren't meant to live like we do, eating the processed foods and fast food junk that we do.  But it's easy and and we're busy.  But it's more than just reducing our carbs.  It's giving up the cycle of crazy that they call Chronic Cardio.  Prehistoric man was not sweating to the oldies at the local gym, getting red-faced on the elliptical.  He was trying to catch his food, walking slowly over the terrain, frequently.  He wasn't worried if he was in the fat-loss target zone for his heart rate.  Occasionally sprinting for his life as the thing he was trying to catch, decided to try and catch him.  He went to bed when it got dark and got up when it was light.  He wasn't checking out what his best friend's old college girlfriend was doing at Starbucks today on Facebook.  He was getting his rest because tomorrow might be the day he has to run for his life.

But the first step:  Eat lots of plants and animals.  Macaroni and cheese is neither a plant or animal.  Discuss.

I am keeping my carb intake between 50-100 grams per day for the "weight loss sweet spot".  (But I am not writing anything down.  I am not counting anything.)  But I am paying attention.  Carbs are in more than just bread and spaghetti.  I'm reading labels and deciding, actually committing, to this lifestyle.  Not just a way to finally take off the weight I gained and never took off each subsequent pregnancy, but a way to stop this train from going off the tracks, permanently.

And, to answer the opening question:  I do not eat grub worms, but I could.  Probably lots of protein there.

Anyone else interested in looking good naked?



  1. Grub worms? Hmmmm. I've heard you fry 'em up and they taste like bacon. But I think I'll pass. You let me know about that, won't you? I'll have a steak, thank you very much. :)

  2. I bet Primal Man ate 'em when the hunting was poor! You know me, I think meat comes from the grocery store. Worms look too much like snakes for me.

  3. I had a steak. And salad, and steamed broccoli.

    Sadly, Lone Star had run out of sauteed grub worms. But there's a silver lining on that particular cloud: no Arm&Hammer cocktail tonight!


  4. Loving the new blog, Georgia! I aspire to eat "primal"... and I'm working on it one day at a time... As far as Chronic Cardio, I couldn't agree with you more! We're meant to move "with purpose", and I'm talking about more purpose than sweating off calories in the gym. I prefer to take the dog for a walk, the kids for a bike ride, walk to the store instead of drive... something that feels more "natural" than a treadmill. :) I'm looking forward to following along in your journey, and hopefully getting there myself.
    - Crystal


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